Adventures on the Land

In the UK, wild land is scarce but the Highlands of Scotland provide some of the most rugged and sparsely populated terrain available. It is still possible to walk for many days without encountering another soul and the range of hill walking opportunities is vast. We can lead you safely into this wonderful environment, so you can experience it for yourself.

If you aspire to your own adventures in the hills or further afield, it is essential that you can navigate confidently. This vital skill is often overlooked but the ability to use a map and compass competently is the key to safe travel in wild places. We can help you learn this absorbing skill and realise your outdoor goals.

Guided Hill Walking
Explore some of the most iconic mountains and wildest terrain Scotland has to offer on a guided hill-walking trip
Navigation Training
Learn to navigate confidently with a map and compass, allowing you to fully unlock the potential of the outdoors
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