• Master the compass

  • Navigate across featureless terrain

  • Venture off the beaten track

Navigation Training

Unlocking the Outdoors

The ability to navigate is a fundamental skill for all those who venture into the outdoors. Whether it’s strolling in your local countryside or making demanding journeys across featureless terrain, the core skills remain unchanged. Not only do these skills give you the confidence to explore further off the beaten track but they are also absorbing to learn and this is best done under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

In this age of GPS and digital mapping, we at Coast and Cairn still firmly believe in the value of the humble map and compass. We recognise the part that modern technology has to play but we believe this can only ever be an aid to navigation. With just a map, a compass and a few key skills, you can navigate to a very high degree of accuracy and once mastered, this skill is transferrable to any environment on earth.

If you rarely get the map out on your walks or you have never used a compass before, you can get a flavour of what navigation is all about on one of our Introduction to Navigation sessions. Or if you want a more in-depth look at the required skills, join us for a 2-day National Navigation Award Scheme course. The NNAS was launched in 1994 as a non-competitive, personal performance scheme to encourage confident navigation in the countryside.

Coast and Cairn is a recognised provider of the NNAS Bronze and Silver awards, for beginners and intermediates respectively. All our courses are run with a maximum instructor to student ratio of 1:6, ensuring everybody receives a high level of tuition. It is important to note that certificates can only be issued at the end of a course if the required standard has been met and not solely for attendance.

Introduction to Navigation

Half-day or full-day introduction for complete beginners, looking at the basic skills required to navigate competently in simple terrain

NNAS Bronze Award

2-day introduction to the fundamental skills of navigation, for beginners, following the syllabus of the National Navigation Award Scheme

NNAS Silver Award

2-day intermediate level course for Bronze Award holders or those with previous experience, covering navigation in more challenging terrain

NNAS Silver Award Fastrack
Intensive 4-day course aimed at complete beginners who are keen to gain their Silver award. Covering the syllabus of both the Bronze and Silver awards, this course is perfect for quick learners
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