RYA Shorebased Courses

At Coast and Cairn we offer a large selection of RYA Shorebased20151127_085017 (2) courses, designed to support the practical courses available. From navigation and seamanship, to radio communications and first aid, these courses cover a wide range of important subjects.

Acquiring the necessary background knowledge is an essential part of becoming a competent seafarer. For those people who aspire to skippering a boat, completing the relevant shorebased course leads to a higher degree of success during the practical courses and assessments.

In some cases, the courses are mandatory, such as the VHF Short Range Certificate, which is required by law to operate a marine VHF radio. The RYA First Aid course is the minimum requirement for those who wish to commercially endorse their certificates or become an RYA Instructor.

See below for more information on the individual courses available.

Navigation Books

This 40-hour course covers the essential background knowledge for anyone who aspires to skippering a sailing yacht or motor boat. Aimed at beginners, it covers a wide variety of topics and provides a solid foundation for the Day Skipper practical course
This is an advanced 40-hour course, building on the skills acquired at Day Skipper level. It covers a wide variety of subjects, with an emphasis on advanced navigation and meteorology and will help prepare candidates for the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore practical exams
This 1-day course (plus assessment) is a legal requirement for anyone who intends to use a Marine VHF radio on board a British Flagged vessel. It covers a range of topics, including the role of GMDSS, DSC and sending distress, urgency and safety messages
This 1-day course is aimed anyone who goes afloat and covers all the usual first aid topics but from a marine perspective. A pre-requisite for professional skippers of small craft working within 60 miles of a safe haven and prospective RYA Instructors
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